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Voiceover / Audio work

As well as appearing in many radio productions I have also done a variety of voiceover and audio work.

Narrative / Audiobooks

I'm the narrator for the Constable Twitter Mysteries audiobooks, written by Lynne Truss.

A Shot in The Dark audiobook
The Man That Got Away audiobook
Murder by Milk Bottle audiobook

Reviews for The Man That Got Away:

"Matt Green narrates this deft caper with a fine selection of voices and infectious enthusiasm for its many about-turns. He sounds as baffled as we are by where this is all heading — and as pleased, too" (Washington Post, 17 December 2019)

"Matt Green juggles joyfully with the contrasted accents of the many and varied heroes and villains against a superbly reconstructed backdrop of Brighton in its glory days of Punch and Judy shows, ice-cream parlours and blistered holidaymakers in striped deckchairs on the beach." (The Times, 17 August 2019)

"Narrator Matt Green and author Lynne Truss shine in their second adventure together featuring Constable Twitten...Green audibly delights in the resulting confection, which is sly, silly, and indisputably English. He narrates with energy, clarity, and the pacing of the best radio comedies. The wealth of voices, from Twitten's sincere tone and hint of a lisp to a gentleman's nasal tones and a lady gangster's growl, are as diverting as they are informative. Sit back and enjoy." (Audiofile, 2019)


In 2021 I narrated Sun Dog by Monique Roffey for W.F. Howes

In 2020 I narrated the Audiobook of Susan Hill's Strange Meeting for Listening Books - CLIP

I also read a short story for C.K. McDonnell's The Stranger Times, which you can hear here.


I've done a number of voiceovers for commercial, animation etc. 

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